Quality Products

UKCA Ltd. supplies a wide range of equipment especially designed for use in the quality assurance process of fresh produce and for the general maintenance of CA Store rooms. Below you will find a selection of products we provide. If you have any questions or want to find out more please  contact us.


We also offer a calibration and maintenance service to ensure that your QA equipment remains accurate, and provide certification traceable to UKAS standard.

Our main products and suppliers are listed below, if you require a more specific product please contact us

Atago refractometer UK
Water testing equipment
sizing rings, prenetrometers, refractometers
Refractometer, Ph meters and more
Thermometers, Ph meters
Measuring equipment

Repaired and Calibrated by UKCA, splash built to customers specifications.
FT series with drill stand











Fruit Texture Analyser

FTA - GS-15


Analogue Penetrometer

These precision instruments are available in the following specifications
FT002 0.0-1.0kg (Strawberries etc.)
FT011 0.2-5.0kg (Citrus etc.)
FT327 1.5-12kg (Apples, Pears etc.)
FT444 2.0-20kg (Avocado)


We also supply all the required accessories for above Penetrometers.


Storage Bins
Store Sealant
Calibration Service

Refractometer recommendations

Atago refractometer UK

Atago's have a new Brix and Acidity refractometer.


If you don't require Brix readings we recommend the Atago Acidity meter range



PAL-BX|ACID Master Kit

For Brix and Acidity 



For Acidity only

The PAL-BX|ACID Pocket Sugar and Acidity Meters measure sugar and acidity level in fruit juices, milk, beer, yogurt, sake, or vinegar. Each unit in this series measures both Brix (sugar level) and acidity.
The PAL-BX|ACID meters measure the total acidity in a sample and convert it into either citric, tartaric, malic, acetic, or lactic acid concentrations, depending on the unit.


Atagos Brix and Acid refractometers