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Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere (DCA) leading the way in long term storage based in the South East

Isolcell Dynamic Controlled Atompshere equipment
Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere plant room installed by UKCA Ltd

In 2015,1657 Harvestwatch DCA-CF stores were operational around the world

 Since the introduction in 2013 UKCA have installed 30 DCA-CF stores

The DCA-CF system supplied by Isolcell continues to show significant results in the improvement of fresh produce storage without the use of chemicals. Along with the leading DCA technology our DCA-CF customers receive the most comprehensive support from the combined DCA-CF experience of UKCA, Isolcell and Harvestwatch.

Vast improvements in quality has been seen in cultivars including, Braeburn, Gala, Kanzi, Rubens and Bramley stored in DCA-CF this has continued to impress the market from supermarkets through to the consumer.

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UKCA distributors of Ribbstyle products in the UK

Ribbfill Products for Controlled Atmosphere stores

The RibbFill products are applied as gastight finishing of spaces. Among which, cooling and storage spaces,  which become optimally controllable with it. These extremely gastight, durable and wear-resistant coatings are high-quality, semi-fluid white pastes, dispersed in water, which form a permanent elastic rubber-like layer after drying. The RibbFill coating system consists of RibbFill Store Coat and RibbFill Control Coat

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Ribbstyle UK CA
UKCA authorised distributor for Ribbstyle

 Atago Pocket Brix-Acidity Meters 



PAL-Easy ACID Range

The ability to easily and accurately read Acid levels is now available

The PAL-BX|ACID Pocket Sugar and Acidity Meters measure sugar and acidity level in fruit juices, wine,milk, beer, yogurt, sake, or vinegar. Each unit in this series measures both Brix (sugar level) and acidity.

The PAL-BX|ACID meters measure the total acidity in a sample and convert it into either citric, tartaric, malic, acetic, or lactic acid concentrations, depending on the unit.

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